THE world is set for an eventful year 2024 as nearly half of its population goes for presidential, parliamentary and local elections in over 60 countries.

Super powers, United States and Russia are just two of the countries that will be holding elections in 2024, to replace or retain their leaders, with the stakes as high as the number of polls.

The US President Joe Biden will be seeking a second term in the presidential elections scheduled for the traditional, November 5, 2024. The elections are likely to be a repeat of the 2020 showdown between him and his predecessor Donald Trump of Republican Party.

President Vladimir Putin will be going for a third term, in Russia’s eighth presidential election to be held from March 15 to 17. Already three other candidates have declared the bid for the seat, but political analysts believe it will be a walkover for Putin. The elections will not likely be free and fair and will tilted in favour of Putin.

Russia will go to the polls against a background of international backlash over the invasion of Ukraine in February last year which has brought economic distress across the world. Apparently Ukraine presidential elections are also scheduled for March 31 as per the country’s constitution, but likely to be rescheduled due to the invasion.


The first general election is coming up on January 7, in Bangladesh, Asia, followed by Taiwan on January 13.

Comoros presidential elections will follow on January 14, with President Azali Assoumani seeking a fifth term. Assoumani came to power through a military coup on 1999 and held the seat for two terms up to 2006, then again from 2016 to present.

Other nations which will be holding elections in 2024 include India, South Korea, Pakistan, Iran, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

In Africa, about 15 countries will be holding presidential and parliamentary elections. They include South Africa, Botswana, Algeria, Chad, Ghana, Mauritania, Mauritius, Namibia, Rwanda, Senegal, South Sudan, Tunisia and Togo.

In the United Kingdom Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has announced that he may call for the general elections in 202, ahead of the legally set deadline of January 28, 2025.

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