How Does One Get Hero Title in Kenya?

Who is a Kenyan Hero? Do all Heroes get Roads named after them? What are the requirements for one to have a road named after them?

There is a general consensus in Kenya that public roads should only be named after Kenyan heroes. And not just roads, even public institutions and geographical features. Even the portrait of the President or any other personalities have been removed from the Kenyan currency as a constitutional requirement. So who is a hero in Kenya and how does one acquire that recognition?In 2014 Parliament passed a law to establish a criterion for identifying, selecting and honoring national heroes. The Kenya Heroes Act was accented to by President Uhuru Kenyatta on 29th April 2014The Act establishes a 13-member the National Heroes Council to deal with identification and honoring of national heroes and all other related matters. It’s this council that keeps the register of all national heroes. How then, does one get in that list.The Council publishes a notice the media calling for nomination of suitable persons to be recommended for declaration as heroes. The nominations received are referred to a committee of the Council for vetting. The Council then considers whether the persons qualify to be named heroes, based on assessment of his patriotism, vision, integrity, commitment, courage, selflessness, perseverance, decisiveness, optimism etc as set out in the law.The Council then publishes the successful names in the media, giving a brief summary of their achievements and invites any objections and representations. The final list of those qualified is prepared and forwarded to the President. The proposed heroes are awarded the honor by the President at a public ceremony which must be on Mashujaa Day (October 20th)They are awarded certificate which can be awarded in the lifetime of the said hero or even posthumously.A hero is henceforth entitled to be invited to national and community functions as a state guest, having cultural festivals, concerts, exhibitions and sports events organized in their honour, having towers, institutions, open parks in urban areas, roads, streets, estates, stamps and notable landmarks named after them. They may have postage stamps, scarves, mementoes, utensils, apparel and artifacts. Likewise they may have publications of books depicting their respective roles in the country’s history or the social life of the society and the books may be used in educational curriculum.In fact where a national hero is in need, the Government may offer him/her healthcare services, housing, sanitation, food, water, social security and even free education for his/her defendants of school going age up to tertiary level.Free transport to events where they are invited within the country, employment for their dependents who are qualified.Council may also build and maintain symbolic tombs, monuments and statues in honour of such hero and may preserve plaques, material culture, photographs, memoirs and histories of the hero at the Heroes’ Square.

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